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The Intelligent AccessTM wireless personal captioning system integrates smartphones, electronic eyewear, and WiFi connectivity to bring captions and multiple languages to people at a variety of venues. The current client system utilizes WiFi technology to deliver personal captions to an individual on an iPod Touch, iPhone, or Windows mobile system. The user has the choice of viewing the captions on the handheld screen or optional electronic eyewear. This approach benefits both the caption end user and the location providing the service. The end-user can receive captions from any Intelligent Access installation on his or her own compatible mobile device, without any additional hardware purchase required. Our system is available at Mystc Aquarium in Mystic, CT. It is meant for deployment in theatres, sports venues and stadiums, museums, school systems, and other live venues.

Intelligent Access is actively exploring stragetic partnerships to deploy our systems with venues and organizations. We encourage you to contact the team memebers below to learn more about the opportunities that our wireless captioning technology can create for your group.

Leanne West, Executive Director
Ethan Adler, Technical Lead
Intelligent Access, a GT VentureLab Company